Application to the Trust for research grants, assistance with publication or making a donation

Application to the Trust for research grants, assistance with publication  or making a donation.
The principal object of the Trust is to promote research into the history of the postal services and written communication and to support publication in this area of study.

Applications can be made to the Trust for research grants and assistance with the publication of books within the objects of the Trust expressed above or in more detail in the general introduction.

The Trust is a registered charity and also seeks donations from the general public to allow it to continue it’s activities. Those who are interested can have sight of our financial accounts and any other information they may require.

Please complete the application form below.

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  GA-First name
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 Town / city

Applicant's background
Collecting interests
Membership of relevant specialist/learned societies/organisations
Title and date of recent published research work/book(s)
Names of co-workers/co-authors
Proposed timetable for work
Title of the research or publication
Description of topic to be researched or published
Country or province
Period of time  
What does this add to the existing knowledge (value of research or publication)
What postal history do you possess relevant to the topic ?
What lectures or displays have you given relevant to the topic ?
Have you won any awards or medals related to the topic?

 Research Grant
Amount of research grant requested and justification for the amount
What records are you proposing to research?
Where are they held?
What do you intend to do with the results of your research?
Are you planning to publish an article in some society/ specialist / learned journal?
If so which one?
Any other relevant information the Trustees should be aware of?

 Book Publication Grant
Name of intended publisher (if not the Stuart Rossiter Trust)
Is this the first edition of the book?
If this is not the first edition what is the justification for the new edition
1. What were sales of earlier editions?
2. What was retail price of earlier editions?
3. What new information is included?
Is this a translation?
If so, what was language of earlier editions?
Expected number of pages in book
Expected number of illustrations in black and white
Expected number of illustrations in colour and justification for use of colour
Will you do your own word processing?
If not, who do you have to help you?
Will they require payment for this help and if so how much?
What market is forseen for the publication?
Is there a broader non philatelic interest?
Do you have any ideas on how many books might be sold? (SRT experience suggests 100 to 300 depending on topic)
Any other relevant information the Trustees should be aware of?
Please supply a provisional contents page and some sample pages/chapters
(Paste from Word or text application)
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by Tom Slemons FRPSL/p>

Price excluding postage £49.00

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Price excluding postage £9,50

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Trust Sponsored Book - The Type Sage Issue of France by Peter R.A.Kelly, 40.00 + p&p

Order from the author


by David Cornelius

Price excluding postage £38.00

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New Book - Failed Free Handstamps by Robert Galland and John B.Colton, 15.00

Brochure of Failed Free Handstamps

New Book - Besieged in Paris by Ashley Lawrence, 25.00

Brochure of Besieged in Paris

Our Book on Iraq

Brochure of our Iraq Postal History book


by Hugh Feldman

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Bob Swarbrick
THE ROYAL MARINES: Home and Abroad a Postal History 1664-1994 by Bob Swarbrick

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Click for details of "Royal Reform"

New Channel Islands Forwarding Agents Book Letter Forwarding Agents of Great Britain handling Channel Islands letters 1673 -1855. by David Gurney FRPSL, 170 pages A5 , profusely illustrated in B/W, Ring bound 9.50 + postage & packing ISBN 978-0-9545207-7-9

Brochure of our Channel Islands Letter Forwarders Postal History book

Fleeing From the Fuhrer Fleeing From the Fuhrer by Charmian Brinson and William Kaczsynski

Flyer for Fleeing From the Fuhrer

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