The Stuart Rossiter Trust's Relationship with Authors

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The Trustees will endeavour to arrange with the author that the content of the work fulfills the standard as set out in the Trust’s Guidelines for Authors. For this reason it is essential that discussion takes place between the author and the Trustees at an early stage during the preparation of the work. The Trustees do not expect to act in an editorial role with regard to the text. However, the Trustees may wish to discuss with the authors the overall quality of the layout and general appearance of the work. They may wish to set the standards in each case for the materials used, binding, covers or boards, jacket and other aspects as these would significantly affect the sales of the work.

An agreement will be drawn up to govern the relationship between the Trust and the author. Such agreement will include clauses covering a number of practical matters. 

  • how editorial decisions are to be taken and minuted 
  • the names and addresses of referees for the assessment of the work and the way in which comments, suggestions, criticisms and recommendations of the referees shall be dealt with.
  • The Trustees reserve the right to change referees at their discretion particularly if there is delay or lack of objectivity on the part of a referee.
  • It is the usual practice of the Trustees to consult with authors as to the suitability of referees but the Trustees have the final say on appointments of referees
  • the way in which a printer and binder for the Work shall be chosen (or the names and addresses of the printer and binder if already agreed)
  • the method of printing, the length of the Work, the number of illustrations in the Work and the type of binding
  • how the Work is to be published, distributed and sold (referring to wholesalers' and retailers' margins if necessary and referring to price and quantity discounts on the single cover price)
  • the number of copies to be bound at any one time
  • copy or other deadline dates to be observed by the Author

The Trust does not pay any fee to an author.
Authors must get Trust approval beforehand for any costs the author wishes the Trust to bear.
Should an author insist on verifying all changes, however minor, then this must be made clear when a work is submitted for consideration for publication.

By Line
The Trust’s preference for naming an author is simply <Forename Surname>, e.g. Alan Other. If authors have a particular request to be named in a different format, then this should be made clear.

Unless otherwise requested, non-philatelic titles and awards will be omitted, e.g. Prof. Alan N. Other VC, RDP should be reduced to Alan Other RDP. More than one philatelic honour may be included as appropriate, eg Alan Other RDP FRPSL.

A work that is to be published by the Trust may take the form of:

  • a publication in paper form, either bound in a soft binding, or hardback, or as a pamphlet, for example, or
  • an electronic format, say on a cd.

The Trustees may designate either of these forms of publication, or a mixed combination from the outset, or a mixed combination but staggered at intervals of time. For example, an agreed number of books in hardbound form may need to be sold before that work is marketed in the form of a cd.

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Date September 2008


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